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A Royal Elite All Stars Performance Gym

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a family-oriented, competitive, all-star performance center in the Pennsylvania area. The purpose of this organization is to promote personal and team growth, as well as athletic success and pride within multiple communities that our athletes reside in. It is our goal to develop good sportsmanship among all members, to support athletic programs, and to develop positive relationships in the community during athletic events, competitions, and any other activities representative of our gym.

Meet the Team

Royal Elite All Star Performance Gym was started by Sarah Miller who has a long-standing history providing athletic success and growth in a variety of areas. Her mission is to provide a family-oriented, competitive, all-star program in the area by developing good sportsmanship and positive relationships in the community.


Sarah Miller


Sarah Miller is the Owner of PA Royal Elite All-Stars. Sarah graduated from Penn State University where she majored in Early Childhood Education and minored in Special Education.  In addition to owning PA Royal Elite, she is an elementary teacher in Central Bucks School District. Sarah has 24 years of cheerleading experience. She has cheered on and coached many national, international, and grand champion teams. Her passion for coaching comes from allowing an environment outside of the classroom for athletes to shine in their own way while learning teamwork, lifelong skills, bonding, and developing with peers. Sarah is also ACCA certified and NCA certified in addition to being named Epic Brands 2015 Coach of the Year.

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