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Class/ $10 per athlete 

Open Gym Class

Every Friday 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Come to our ROYAL PALACE to work on your tumbling, jumping, stunting during our supervised Open-Gym Class. It's a Palace for you to come and have fun with our amazing staff while learning the skills you need to succeed in all areas.


Class/ $10 per athlete 

Flyers Stretching Class

Our ROYAL athletes MUST be flexible. Be loyal to the royal within by increasing your flexibility with our experienced instructors during our Flyers Stretching Class. Flyers are not the only athletes who benefit from improving their flexibility. Perfect execution of jumping, stunting, and tumbling all require honed and structured flexibility. Being loyal to your inner royal requires dedicating the time to enhancing abilities such as flexibility in order to be the best athlete you can be. Join us for our Flyers Stretching Class for only $10 per athlete.

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Elite Monthly Classes

Available Upon Request Monday-Thursday from 5-6 pm.

A Royal Elite All Stars Performance Gym

Royal’s Queens-in-Training Class

(Level 3-5): $125

Ready to advance your skills? This class is for our upper level
athletes who are working on mastering tucks to fulls and
everything in between! Jump in with the QUEENS to work on
perfect technique and learning the ROYAL way to execute for levels 3 to 5. Royal’s Power!!!

PA Royal Elite All Star Gym - Tumbling Class

Royal’s Power Training Class

(Level 2): $100

Backhand Spring Central! Our Power class focuses on everything for your backhand spring. Already mastered those back walkovers and front walkovers? Now it’s time to get that backhand spring. This class focuses on standing and running backhand springs, as well as specialty passes with backhand springs.

Royal's Princess in Training

Royal’s Princesses-in-Training

(Level 1/Beginner class): $100

You're never to old to start being loyal to the royal within. That is why PA Royal Elite offers a class specifically structured for the little Princesses!

Our royal beginner tumbling class that focuses on teaching the foundations of tumbling. From forward rolls to back-walkovers, this is the class for you! Royal Elite Instructor's are committed to teaching the proper techniques to strengthen and grow Royal’s Princesses-in-Training in to Royal Elite tumblers.

PA Royal Elite All Stars TUMBLING TOTS cLASS

Tumbling-Tots Classes

(Level 1/Beginner class): $100/month

Your young royals cannot miss out on the fun! Bring your
toddlers for a fun time. Sign your little one up to learn coordination, friendship, and sharing skills. As an added bonus, Tumbling-Tots will certainly help get out some of that adorable energy in the evenings, just in time for bed.

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